My workshops fall into 3 key categories: Compassion, Communication, and Consent.


From Sex Positive Yoga to Emotional Alchemy, my Compassion workshops are rooted in several schools of thought, including Taoism, Vajryana Buddhism, and the work of Marshall Rosenberg. All are trauma-aware with a keen eye to Bessel van der Kolk’s research as well as Polyvagal Theory and the work of Peter Levine.



This is the root of all of my work, of course, and I’ve developed several commnication-specific workshops that address the HOW of communication. What Kind of Leader Am I uses the Enneagram as a framework for understanding leadership archetypes as well as how people behave under stress. How to Give and Receive Feedback incorporates research from Harvard University with the teachings of Buddhism to give people a useable framework through which they can share their experiences without putting other people in a defensive position. All of my kink workshops are heavily centered in communication and consent.



The two main populations for my consent-centric workshops are people exploring Kink and yoga teachers. I know - seems like an unlikely pairing of folks, and if you take a moment to think about it - kink and teaching are both expressions of power dynamics, in which one person has an authority over another. And in all honesty, I can’t separate consent from ANY of my Work, as I believe it to be the most important consideration in any relationship.