For over 25 years, I have created and delivered workshops, classes, and immersions rooted in compassion, communication, and consent. For the last 15 years or so, my Work has been focused in the realm of sex-positivity, with a specialization in Taoism as it relates to one’s inner landscape and the cultivation of sexual polarity.


my Mission

Create and cultivate safe spaces in which people many explore relationships to themselves and other people in their life, holding the intention of increasing emotional intelligence and compassion.

I’ve never seen someone so earnestly listen to another’s perspective of a story or phenomena. Katherine seemed to have all the patience in the world, especially with newbies like me who hadn’t figured “it” out yet.
— - Kelly (Grad Student in Human Sexuality)

how i work

I call what I do Cognitive-Somatic Re-patterning. Drawing on over 35 years’ experience with the creative process, a deep understanding of the human body, and extensive studies of both scientific and spiritual approaches to meditation and comprehension, my approach is unique, effective and highly experiential.

Cognitive-somatic re-patterning is a multidisciplinary system that draws on psychology, linguistics, semiotics, physics, meditation, movement, dance, yoga and breath work (everything I’ve ever studied).

I work in a school with a population of students from a low-income background who suffer from severe emotional and behavioral issues. Katherine was able to enter this difficult environment and seamlessly blend humor and discipline to control the classroom in a fun and enjoyable way. I am lucky to have a person like Katherine visit my classroom who brings her openness, charisma, and expertise to the lessons.
— Noah Kauffman - High School Teacher


Katie helped to save our marriage, and I am not exaggerating. After nearly 20 years of partnership, my husband and I were experiencing conflict around my desire and need for a stronger hand from him in bed, and his concerns that roughhousing, although consensual, would mean he was harming me. We met Katherine in San Francisco, where she accompanied us to a weekend-long sex-positive education event where she was teaching. We attended her 3 workshops, she introduced us to other experts, and by the end of the weekend, my husband had completely shifted his perspective.

We now have an even more amazing and connected intimate life with each-other, and we owe it all to Katherine
— Annon - for what I hope are obvious reasons (KZ)

Partial skills and competencies list

Esoteric Taoism (30+ yrs)

Compassionate Communication (20+ yrs)

Kink and BDSM (35 yrs)

Somatics (40+ yrs)

Facilitation/Instruction (25+ yrs)

Curricula Design and Delivery (30+ yrs)