a point of view that regards all consensual expressions of human sexuality as valuable, worthy of exploration, valid, and critical for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Even the expressions with which one disagrees.

I, am a cis-gendered, queer, Taoist Shenanigarian. For me, sexuality and spirituality are inseparable.  Whether I'm in a period of celibacy or partnered, my experience of my body/mind is inextricably entwined with my experience and expression of the divine.  

I believe we are all worthy of love, of being seen, and of safe and power-full vulnerability.

It's also almost impossible to offed me, so while there are a great many 'things' in the world of human sexuality that are not my cup of tea, as long a the things are consensual, I leave my judgements about them at the door.


This has helped me teach and coach in a huge playground.

For over 20 years, I have worked and volunteered with/ taught for organizations including, but not limited to: San Francisco Sex InformationTranscending Boundaries Conference, The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, The Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, Dark Odyssey, and myriad local and regional groups around the US and internationally both in person and via Skype. 

From 2009-2013, I worked on the Programming (education) team for NELA  and sat on the Board of Directors for two of those years.   NELA produced one of the country's largest pansexual sex-positive education events, with over 3000 attendees over a 3-day weekend.

My Work is trauma-informed and rooted in compassion, accountability, and consent.