I'm a sex-positive intimacy educator and coach and. My work helps people explore, express, and share their deepest desires in ways that are power-full, consent-driven, rooted in sovereignty, and pleasurable. 

By working with me, you'll uncover and discover how your power - your agency and sovereignty - can be your biggest ally in having the sex you want, the relationships you deserve, and the intimacy you need. 

You can expect to learn about your tastes, boundaries, and needs within a sex-positive context and to learn and use tools to enhance and enliven your intimate relationships.  You can also expect to be more centered, empowered, and clear in your other relationships, as the skills you build working with me can be used anywhere in your life where power plays a role in your relating - and that is everywhere.  

My clients include C-level executives, actors, bloggers, small business owners, creatives and retired folks. In essence - people just like you.  

I write and teach custom workshops, trainings and immersions for groups, and I work one-on-one. 

I draw from myriad disciplines including Esoteric Taoism, Compassionate Communication, Movement Modalities, Mindfulness, Negotiation Strategies, and more.

The three pillars on which my work is built are:

compassion . comunication . consent