So much to share.. so little time.  If you ask me 'what do you do?' my answer is simple:  I teach. 

I work in two primary areas: sexuality and yoga

My job is to help you learn. Your job is to put it to use in your life.  I work with people individually and in groups.  


All that I do - everything - is supported by three core pillars: compassion, integrity, and accountability.


Emotional Alchemy Health Through Yoga.jpg

some Factoids about me:

I'm have a twin brother, and our sign is Gemini.

I have Aphantasia. I am unable to synthesize senses in my mind.  If you ask me to visualize something, I'm blind.

I'm highly abstract/analytical in my learning style.  That means that one of my superpowers is finding and exploring connections between concepts and fields of study that might appear otherwise unrelated.   Apparently this also makes me a polymath.  

Most Favorite Official Job Title Ever:

Goddess of Ontology

fancy degree

MA, Critical Theory:  Carnegie Mellon